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Blood Sex & Royalty Breakdown

Blood Sex & Royalty Breakdown

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Blood, Sex & Royalty

Client: Nutopia/Netflix | Directed By: Michael Sherrington
Our Work:  All VFX

We were very excited to be asked to create all the VFX for the Netflix miniseries, Blood, Sex & Royalty, produced by Nutopia. 

The majority of the work on the project focused around converting the architecture of the castle used during production to be more in line with Greenwich Palace, a residence of Henry VIII which no longer exists. 

Using historical references that showed what the palace looked like in the 1500’s, we created matte painting elements to adjust the walls, castellations and turrets of the existing castle to match those of Greenwich Palace during the reign of Henry VIII. 

We were also required to create a full matte painting of the castle for an establishing shot. Drawing from the reference, elements of the existing castle were used to create the full asset that was then composited into the original footage. 

Another sequence in the series focused on a dream in which Anne Boleyn finds herself tied to a burning bed.  On set the actors were filmed on the bed and later it was set on fire. We combined these two footage elements, adding supplementary flames, sparks, smoke and heat haze to create the impression that Anne was in the middle of the dreamy, surreal fire.

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