The Last Dragonslayer

We were asked by Director Jamie stone to bring life to the magic effects for Sky 1's Christmas special The Last Dragonslayer.


The trick with the magic effect was to illustrate the character of the magician conjuring it and also the strength of the magic involved. To achieve this we created a light tendril effect that could range in its smoothness, colour and energy. In addition we digitally  added light effects to the surrounding sets and actors to put the magic more believably in its environment.


Along side the magic effects we also created set extentions for the city, using matte paintings created in house and compositing them with smoke elements into the live action plate.  

At The 2D Workshop we’re obsessed with the art of filmmaking. Whether we’re creating character designs and animation for a jaw dropping ad campaign, bringing VFX magic to an all-star feature length TV bonanza or writing and developing our own IP to showcase all that we LOVE about film. QUALITY is key.

No matter the project our remit stays the same – provide a UNIQUE, CINEMATIC, ARTISTIC piece that delivers the client’s message in the strongest way possible. We tailor our writing, directing, design and animation to each client’s specific requirements. No two projects are the same which suits us to a tee as we endeavour to develop techniques and styles, continually diversifying our filmmaking arsenal.

Situated in the ever inspiring city of EDINBURGH, The 2D Workshop’s team consume and create as much content as possible with an ENERGY and PASSION that has translated directly into each project we’ve delivered since we set up shop in 2012.

If you have a project that deserves an IMAGINATIVE, DYNAMIC, DEDICATED team bringing it to life, get in touch! We’d love to chat more.

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