With the emergence of Covid -19 we are all experiencing a very strange time in our lives.

However! We are still hard at work to deliver  jaw dropping 2D animation.  (Just from home.)


We are working with the online, TV and film industries to bring your projects to life whether it be with  the initial design, story boarding, animation, VFX or post production. We are available and able to chat, meet and discuss these with you all online via skype, zoom, email or on the phone.

No physical meeting, no handshaking and no spreading  anything! 

Now might be a good time to consider animation for your projects. It will not only allow you to keep them alive but inject something art driven that is tantalisingly beautiful to behold. Sounds good right?

Get in contact with us below or email us directly at

Most importantly we hope you are healthy and stay that way.

Take care of yourselves  - The 2D Workshop.

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