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Naked Malt : Edrington

Client: Edrington | Directed By:  Anna Lisa Stone
Our Work: 2D Animation, Motion Graphics

We’re very excited to share our recent work with Edrington on the launch video for Naked Malt! We were asked to bring to life Edrington’s vision for a perpetually changing, dynamic, exciting trip through the world of Naked Malt.

Working with footage of the bottle provided by the client we used a mixture of motion graphics and 2D animation to take the viewer into the bottle, casks and universe of this unique whisky. In an otherwise monochrome palate, we used the deep amber colour of the whisky to pick out sections of the animation and utilized a sketchy, loose animation style to make sure the video stayed high energy, even when the elements on screen were relatively inactive.


It was a pleasure to take this project from storyboard through to final delivery and, having seen the final product with the added elements of music and sound design, we are ecstatic to have been a part of this great film!

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