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NHS Scotland Progress Pride Badge

Client: Scottish Government | Directed By: The 2D Workshop
Our Work: Story Boarding, Character Design, 2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Voice Over, Sound Design

The 2D Workshop were please to be asked by the Scottish Government to create a launch video for the NHS Scotland Progress Pride badge.

In conjunction with the Scottish Government and Stonewall we took the project from early development, through storyboarding, design, voiceover and animation and sound design to create the final piece. One of the most interesting design challenges for this was creating a visual style that was in line with the badge without using any of the specific colours on the flag. To do this we averaged out all the colours and brightened them to create a pastel palate with which to build the world of the video. With a lot of text onscreen we experimented with a variety of fonts before deciding to create our own to have more control over the overall look of the film.

The 2D Workshop also oversaw the sound design and voiceover for the project and used both aspects to inject even more energy and dynamism to round off this great film.

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