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We Lie To Ourselves

Client: The Ghosts | Directed By: Owen Rixon

Our Work: Character Design, Animation, Compositing, Writing, Directing, Producing

We were contacted by The Ghosts to produce a music video for “We Lie To Ourselves” and given free reign to create anything we wanted.

Director Owen Rixon took the opportunity to create a dark and broody short film based on the ideas in the song and a story about a mouse, forced to work for a prey-killing corporate machine run by cats was born.

With the film being deliberately slow paced it was important to keep the viewer engaged so we packed every frame with as much atmospheric motion as possible; smoke, rain, flickering lights, etc. We also wanted a vaguely hand held look to the camera so it was never quite static. Film noise and chromatic aberration were added to give a grittier, more vintage feel.

The final result is a new style for The 2D Workshop and we’re excited to explore the look further with future projects.

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