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October is always a great time of year, the nights draw in, the air becomes crisp and pumpkin spice is bloody everywhere. Inktober is here and it is a perfect excuse to stretch and flex your making muscles.

We LOVE art. Creativity is unsurprisingly a big part of The 2D Workshop. This year we asked some of the creators we adore and work with regularly to take part in our randomly selected inktober prompts. Some of my favourite prompts were nun, pigeon and evil. Drawing something evil is always more juicy for some reason...

Owen and I were drawing for 2DWinktober and then we had some brilliant interpretations and input from Gordon Howie, Peter Greeves and Harriet Buckley.

I’ve collected a few we posted to Instagram below to give you all a wee snapshot of what you may have missed.

It was great fun, a good challenge and I loved seeing what everyone came up with!

There are some great artists out there and Inktober is such a good showcase for their work.

Please do go and peruse all the posts on our feed - here.

Let us know your favourites!

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