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Award for Sir David Attenborough

Earlier this year we were approached by the People’s Postcode Lottery to create a moving illustration that would work as the background, on-screen animation and template for print for their end of year charity gala.

The keynote speaker at the event was to be Sir David Attenborough so the artwork was to reflect his huge contribution to conservation, reflecting the beauty of the natural world, as well as depicting a number of animals named after the man himself.

The artwork was also to take on a child-like quality to reflect the contribution the People’s Postcode Lottery has made to children’s charities.

We delivered a huge, complex illustration and once it was approved we animated it to cover three screens where the animation would be looped throughout the event behind the speakers.

However, almost as soon as the work was complete, live events started being cancelled due to Covid 19 and the Gala was postponed indefinitely.

While it was a big disappointment that the work wasn’t able to be seen in full, the People’s Postcode Lottery did manage to film a presentation before lockdown featuring David Attenborough in front of our illustration.

To see such a living legend in front of our work is a real honour and has certainly made the project worthwhile, even seeing it in its reduced form!

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