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Are you ever taken aback by something that escapes from your own mouth?

"Hmmmmmmmmmmm I think that black is too black."

"They are literally 2 Ds!"

"Oooo thats nice, it's different, yeah very unuuusual?"

"I think pastels are a passing fad."

These are some of the ridiculous things to come out of our's while in discussion during development of our new look.

I mean, We knew we were artsy but I didn't realise we were THAT artsy.

But what we have reaffirmed is we really enjoyed the process of discussing the minutiae of design.

So please forgive me a mo while I explain our new logo choices.

We wanted to keep it simple. We wanted it to say POWER. We wanted it to be 2D and we wanted it to represent multiple things visually.

Now you might think "Hey that's just two triangles!?!" and "You can't pull the wool over my eyes Tony, I'm no cotton-headed ninnymuggins!" and you would be wrong....kind of.

It is two triangles but it is also a visual pun in being 2 literal D's. They themselves are flat 2 dimensional shapes, tipping their metaphorical hat to the nature of our work. They represent the roof of a workshop and a long artist's pen hinting at our work ethic and tools of the craft. They are sharp and ethereal, forming an almost floating large scale installation piece that symbolises power and creativity. We have used four colours you can see throughout the website that are used to represent our passion, creativity, love of art and ability to communicate not only our own ideas but those of our clients. And it is simple. It is simple because it is literally two triangles.

We are really proud of the work we produce and felt our branding should represent that.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Untill next time, ahoy!

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