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The New Office!

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

I don't know if you know but I'm going to pretend that you don't know, you know?

We at The 2D Workshop moved to a bigger office space in late January 2020. It's a bigger space, it's better set up and with less stairs to climb! We went from floor 5 to floor 3 in the Tech Cube at Summerhall.

In the past four weeks Owen has been delighted with the fact he can now see Tony. He can see him working away behind the scenes and jigging around while listening to Two of Hearts by Stacey Q (literally while typing this. Owen looks a tad disapproving.) Really this set up is allowing the whole Workshop to flow with a cleaner approach to collaborating ideas with each other, freelancers and clients.

We also gained a conference table for our ultimate 80's shoulder pad styled meetings. You know.

We are yet to get stuck into decorating the place fully. We have been busy with MOVE Summit coming up on 20th/21st Feb. (We are really excited to attend!)

BUT! Our plan is to create space for some millenial vegetation. A succulant here, a grass-type there. You know. There will be an update about the plants and general decor soon as.

Ultimately we are really happy with the move! We share our space with Goose's Quizzes and both companies have space to breathe now. You know?

Till next time, Ahoy!

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